We are a private all mens club which was established in 1948. Our bylaws cap our active membership at 150. We currently have nine additional Life Members who are members who have been active with the Club for at least 25 consecutive years. To attain membership, new applicants  must be sponsored by a current active or life member, and serve a period as a Prospective Member for at least 90 days. To attain active membership, a prospective member must attend meetings whenever posible and participate in our activities and events. We strongly encourage all prospective members to be active and involved, and get to know the guys in our Club. In early November, depending on the number of active member vacancies that becomer available, we will vote on those prospective members who have been most involved in our Club during their time as a prospective member. Prospective members can only be voted in as active member vacancies become available. Annual dues for membership is currently $200.