January Newsletter 2019

Commodore’s Message:

With the unanimous vote by our members last month to proceed with the ramp replacement, we have contracted with Tedder Construction to do the work. Total cost is $96,800. We have paid the initial draw of $14,520, and are awaiting the final permit from the EPA to begin. When that permit is in hand, work will start immediately. We currently have a total of approximately $75,000 in our checking and money market accounts. Best case scenario for completion of the ramp is sometime next month. By then, we will have to finish paying Tedder the remaining $82,280. As you can see, we will have a cash deficit of about $7,300 we will have to address.

The Board has looked at our options. First, we are approved for a $50,000 unsecured line of credit from Central Bank. We would pay interest only on what we might borrow, at prime. As for income, we will have our Fish Fry and Fishing Tournament again this spring. We have also decided on an Oyster Roast on Saturday, February 23rd. Our goal for this event is to sell 400 tickets st $35 each, for a total gross of $14,000. This will be costly, however, and we are hoping to be at least 50% profitable. See page 2 of this newsletter for more specifics on this event.

As we are a Boating Club, we feel this new ramp is a necessity, as costly as it may be. For this reason I would like to make an appeal to any of you who could help us out. Anything you might like to contribute to help get our ramp built would be very much appreciated by all those who enjoy our Club’s unique boating facilities.

Respectfully Submitted, Tommy Hobbs, Commodore

Our Charities Coordinator, CJ Swindull, has reported that our “Angel Tree” program to provide gifts for all 22 boys at SAYS was a success. 15 of our member families bought the gifts and 7 gave cash donations for us to go shopping. CJ wants to thank Amy Gardner for helping him with the shopping. Additionally, we were able to give cash donations of $500 from the Club and $200 from individual members, for a total of $3000 to SAYS at Christmas. There was about $100 left which will be used to provide a dinner for the boys and staff at SAYS in the near future. CJ wants to thank all those who helped with this project for their support. Once again, the Club also gave $250 to The Empty Stocking Fund last year.

Our Events Coordinator, Matt Jenkins, has offered to coordinate an Oyster Roast for February 23rd, and it has been approved by the Board. It has been decided that we need to sell 400 tickets at $35 each to try to raise the money needed to offset the financial deficit we are anticipating. The two biggest challenges we faced were trying to sell this many tickets in only about 6 weeks time and also being assured of the necessary 40 bushels of oysters on the day of the event. Matt has an agreement with a supplier for the oysters, and has been promised that they will be available. This left us with the other problem of successfully marketing this idea.

To help with the second problem, the board has agreed to hire Holly Sipprell of Hue & Co. She will completerly redesign and manage our website to be more informative and user friendly. This will include new photos taken this week by her photographer, using both his drone for overhead shots of our facility plus interior photos to show what we have to offer potential renters of our Clubhouse. We will now also be able to sell tickets to any of our events on our website by offering a means to pay by credit or debit cards. Additionally, she will update and manage our Facebook account. As social media is the way much business is now conducted, she has assured us she can help with ticket sales there. She has designed our brochure for the Oyster Roast, and is now having that and the tickets printed. We feel certain that with her help, our future financial success should improve significantly. She has been a resident of our neighborhood for over 20 years and regularly attends our functions. We feel that this initial investment in upgrading how our Club functions is badly needed and will be very beneficial in the future.

So now, it’s up to us. Jerry Vaughn has offered to head up the roasting and serving of 40 bushels of oysters in 3 hours, a huge undertaking. But Jerry is experienced in this and has assured us he can do it with enough help. Members Ed Biga and (if his schedule allows) Mike Davis have agreed to head up the parking of the cars of 400 attendees, probably all at once, at noon, in our lot and neighborhood. We will need 7 people with at least four in golf carts to accopmplish this. Andy Gessels will provide walkie-talkies for communication. If you have a golf cart and can help with the parking shuttle, let us know.

We will need nine oyster tables and only have three. Today, with a generous discount from Werninck Lumber, Hank Pridgen, Matt Jenkins, and Bill Long made six more from 3/4” plywood. They need a coat of primer and paint. Would you like to volunteer to do this? They are now under our outdoor pavillion outside the Club.

There will also be upcoming Club clean-up days, plus many other things that need to be addressed in the next few weeks. We ask that, if you can help in any way, please contact Matt at 904-823-7488. We feel that this event can benefit us in so many ways, by opening up our beautiful facility to our community, as well as helping us to meet our financial obligations. With your help, we can make this work!